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Tradecos is an Argentine company with international projection. It began its commercial activities in the City of Buenos Aires in 1992.

In a few years, it expanded and opened offices in Chile, Brazil, and Panama.

Our permanent challenge to provide businesses with a sustainable integral vision based on our experience, professionalism, and responsibility has made us benchmarks.


We are comprehensive and tailored service providers for the food industry, specialized in processed fruit.

We work to be the best option for satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients and suppliers.

We generate a sustainable business for the entire value chain.



To be a leading organization with international competence.

To be a benchmark of innovation and excellence in service for leading companies in the market.

Have a solid, reliable, and professional team.



Service attitude





We understand that sustainable responsible management is necessary for the development of the company and its groups of
interest; so our principles and practices are based on:

Ensure the production and supply of safe products, respecting current and high legal requirements quality standards.
Maintain effective communication with customers and suppliers to meet their needs, as well as with regulatory entities and linked to the sector that favors our integral operation.
Develop the necessary mechanisms for the continuous improvement of our management system

Respect our Code of Ethics as the basis of our actions, betting on the development and care of our human resources, and promoting transparency in our businesses.

Promote a comfortable work environment by providing the necessary resources.
Encourage the permanent training of our team and enhance individual and group capacities.
Health and security. Develop systems to prevent, minimize and eliminate incident risks in each work area for the staff and those who visit the company; focusing on dimensions and lighting of spaces, work elements, and its ergonomics, safety signage, fire extinguisher arrangement, related training.

Evaluate our processes in order to reduce the environmental impact in our supply chain.
Promote in our suppliers the concept of sustainable agricultural production.
Communicate with those who interact with us and raise awareness in relation to responsible sustainable production.

Support our community by being consistent with our values ​​by providing support to various entities, promoting childcare and education, food needs, promoting sports, work culture.

Generate close and long-term relationships with our internal and external clients, applying the tools necessary to clearly understand your needs.
Use the necessary tools for the dissemination and reception of information.
Provide the necessary resources to comply with this policy.

More information: [email protected]

Tradecos supports the sustainable sourcing of products.

We encourage production supporting different forms of lives; ecological integrity; social and economic justice within an orderly and respectful environment for the community thus fostering regional economies and adding value to the supply chain. We believe they are the tools for an evolved development.

To be sustainable is to be caring

Tradecos actively supports the soup kitchen Catalina in its growth and development through workshops (cooking, sewing and gardening) and educational field trips as well, thus providing long term opportunities to the children and parents attending the soup kitchen.

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world”

  • ALIMENTEC 2019


    The International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá – Corferias, promotes industrial, social, cultural and commercial development in the Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean . With more than 60 years of experience, Corferias, seeks to strengthen cooperation links between Colombia and the world community through the organization of fairs, exhibitions, events and conventions, promoting the generation of qualified contacts between visitors and exhibitors in an operated area Under international standards. Likewise, it promotes and organizes the participation of Colombia in fairs and exhibitions that take place abroad, and participates as a partner of companies that have the same objective to promote the industrial and commercial development of the country. Corferias is counted as the first Latin American partner of the Union of International Fairs (UFI), and as the first Latin American venue to reach the presidency of this organization for the period (2015 – 2016). Likewise, Corferias is a founding member of the Latin American Trade Fair Association (AFIDA) and an associate of the Association of Independent Organizers (SISO).

  • ANUGA 2019

  • ALIMENTEC  connecting the food industry with innovation

    • It is the proper scenario to strengthen the image of your business, to position your brand, to launch new products and to introduce new industry trends.
    • It generates important contacts between visitors and exhibitors due to the participation of local and international distributors; wholesalers and specialists.
    • It facilitates contacts with visiting professionals with a significant purchasing power in Colombia,  the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean
    • It assists local exporting exhibitors in making appointments with international buyers  and contacting qualified local and international buyers.
    • For international exhibitors: It offers the possibility to take part in B2B meetings with local buyers complying with the Colombian market needs.